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We caught up with the Founder of The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates to discuss the path to building her business, how she managed to launch a product into market so ahead of its time and her tips for living a more sustainable, healthy and conscious life.



From the launch of your first product GLOW, how has the product journey grown and changed for you, and how many products are on offer in The Beauty Chef range now?

I created my first iteration of GLOW in my Bondi kitchen and started by sharing it with my family and friends. When I decided to properly bring it to market, retailers told me that there was no spot for it on their shelves as there was no ‘inner beauty’ category at the time. I was told the concept of taking an ingestible product that would make your skin glow was too left of field. Having worked as a beauty editor for many years trialling numerous different topical products with no avail, I knew that what I had created was a real solution to the skin concerns my readers were trying to remedy. So I stayed persistent and launched The Beauty Chef in 2009. Fast forward to now and you will find an ‘inner beauty’ category at almost every beauty retailer with multiple brands to choose from. 

A few years ago, we decided to bring our production in-house and made the investment to build our very own state-of-the-art fermentation plant here in Sydney, where we work with a team of microbiologists and scientists to ensure our formulas reach peak potency. It also allows us to ensure quality at every step of the process. To this date, owning our manufacturing plant is one of my greatest career achievements and something I am incredibly proud to have accomplished. 

We pioneered the inner beauty category back in 2009 and now have an ever-growing range of 23 products that target a number of different skin and lifestyle concerns. For example, we have a range of collagen products, products to support gut health, cleansing, immunity, skin congestion, energy levels, hormone health, sleep and stress relief. 


People often ask the difference between other collagen products on the market and the way that The Beauty Chef supports the production of natural collagen via gut health first and foremost – can you tell us a bit more about this.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and is vital for the health of our bones, joints, connective tissues, muscles, skin, gut, nails and hair. However, after the age of 25, we start to produce 1 per cent less collagen each year, and as a result, our collagen and elastin fibres weaken and become thin and loose. That’s why it’s so important to protect your natural collagen and help replenish depleted stores through diet and supplementation. However, if you have an imbalance in your gut, your body is unable to fully absorb all of the nutrients you are putting in. This is why all of The Beauty Chef products also focus on nourishing your gut and why we ferment our formulas to increase their bioavailability. 



It’s also important to note that not all collagen products are created equal. I always encourage people to do their research and find out about the quality of ingredients that are in their products. At The Beauty Chef, we have two collagen products. Our marine collagen powder, DEEP MARINE COLLAGEN™, is 100% clean, sustainable, sourced from wild-caught, deep-sea North Atlantic cod, and contains digestive enzymes and probiotics for enhanced absorption. We also have COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost, which is our vegan drinking elixir that contains the co-factors required for collagen synthesis (vitamin C and zinc) and is bolstered with bio-fermented papaya juice concentrate, gotu kola, Queen Garnet plum puree, organic goji, acai and maqui berries as well as grapeseed extract and ellagic acid from pomegranate that studies show may help to protect collagen from degradation. 


Can you share with the CIRKULAR community ways in which you live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, and any life learnings you would like to share, from becoming a mother, to building a business empire.


When it comes to fashion, I prefer buying timeless, quality pieces that will last for years rather than jumping on seasonal trends. I’m also a big believer in voting with your dollar—spending your money with brands whose practices align with your values. Some of my favourites that come to mind are Emma Lewisham, Bassike, Boody and Cloth & Co. 


For my life learnings I always say: ‘look after your gut, be gutsy, and follow your gut instinct.’ 


If there was one product you would encourage the CIRKULAR community to try from The Beauty Chef range to start their gut health journey, which would it be?


GLOW Inner Beauty Essential is the one product I think everyone should be taking 365 days of the year. GLOW was the first product I created back in 2009 and it continues to be our best-selling product to this day, having helped over one million people. It’s an incredible, potent, super nutrient beauty powder that provides you with the nutrients you need for glowing skin, gut health, energy levels, healthy hair and nails, improved immunity, and overall wellbeing. 

Last year we also launched GLOW AGELESS™, which is our GLOW formula designed for people aged 50+ as it provides support for thyroid hormones and bone health. So if you’re under the age of 50, we recommend starting with GLOW. And if you’re 50+, start with GLOW AGELESS™. From here you can incorporate our other products into your routine depending on what skin or lifestyle concerns you are wanting to target. 

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