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Emily Gurr

While researching the career of model turned Creative Director Emily Gurr, we came across a 2018 interview where she described her ideal career, “I love coming up with ideas and turning them into tangible concepts. I enjoy talking with other creatives and bouncing ideas around. I'd love to have my own creative hub along with creative directing...” Fast forward to 2024, and Em Gurr is certainly living her dream.

Gurr can now confidently tick the boxes including studying architecture, a fashion and business degree in design and ethical production, brand development expert, travel nomad, and now adding Creative Director of one of Melbourne’s coolest bars, the Beverly Rooftop. Gurr frequently travels between her homes in Sydney and Melbourne, and her life is a whirlwind of meetings, flights, parties, and valuable downtime to rest and recuperate—and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

We invite you to explore Drop 1 from the glamorous wardrobe of Em Gurr, available exclusively on CIRKULAR. More pieces to be added the next time she jets in from Melbourne...

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