Who We Are

Cirkular's goal is to introduce more people to the circular economy, and extend the life of beautiful pre-loved women's fashion.

We have a vision to provide a sustainable alternative for the most discerning fashion buyers.

Globally the fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. In Australia, we each buy an average of 56 items of clothing every year, and yet only wear 70% of the clothes in our wardrobes.

Cirkular was born out of two questions:

What if we could keep our clothes in circulation, so they were worn more, and loved for longer, rather than languishing in our wardrobes?

And what would it take to get more people buying pre-loved fashion?

We hope Cirkular encourages conscious purchasing decisions via an expertly curated shopping experience. Our team has been in the fashion industry for over twenty years, and our curation and buying power draws on our experience and networks. Cirkular’s Co-Founder Marnie has lead mastheads such as GRAZIA & ICON and partnered extensively with Australian Fashion Week, whilst working alongside the country's most respected fashion teams.

Along with our commitment to provide the most premium shopping experience, we want to go further by creating a platform to purchase with purpose and planting a tree for every product sold, contributing to carbon reduction, and funding climate projects with our partners Ecologi.

We're just at the start of this journey, but incredibly excited to grow the circular economy together with you, and help contribute to a more sustainable way of shopping.