Five of our Favourite Labels Championing Considered Production and Sustainability in their Brand DNA

 These Australian labels are backing up their promises with real action.


ALEMAIS may seem to have appeared overnight, however the brand’s powerhouse Creative Director, Lesleigh Jermanus, has been working towards this her entire life.

This year will see ALEMAIS take the helm opening Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, not long after winning the National Designer Award in 2022 and Emerging Designer of the Year at the Fashion Laureate.

The brand has seen rapid growth since inception, with the label now available in over 170 stockists across 26 countries. To ensure sustainable growth and positive impact, it is essential for labels like ALEMAIS to prioritize sustainability and consider impact from the start.

Read more about ALEMAIS’ commitment to this process here.


ESSE Studios is worn and cherished by those who seek to feel beautiful in their clothing, valuing quality and timelessness over fleeting trends.

Charlotte Hicks founded the label in 2019 with the goal of both innovating and taking a measured approach to dressing. 

Hicks is on a journey to discover sustainable ways to create fashion while considering the impact of the brands actions on the planet. She has crafted a beautiful mantra to guide their decisions and growth as a label, which ensures they are held accountable each step they take.

These being:











Take some time to read about how each of these words define the ESSE DNA here and take inspiration for your own journey.



Nagnata faced a difficult challenge entering the market with a sustainable mindset. The sports apparel industry is not typically known for its sustainability, due to the need for fabrics that are versatile, stretchy, and able to withstand wear and tear. On top of that, people want to look good while exercising which creates an insatiable appetite to always upgrade, so there was a pressing need for an ethical brand to take over. Nagnata stepped in with their mission of caring for our country and community.

From the start, Nagnata has committed to using knits and natural fibers in their garments and are constantly learning and improving their processes. Most recently the brand has taken excess fabric from their collections and fashioned them into scrunchies.

Every effort to promote education and awareness is essential, and this long-term process with far-reaching benefits for everyone is a journey Nagnata is willing to take.

Read more about Nagnata’s deeply embedded conscious efforts here



Entering the luxury market with a conscience is an expensive endeavor, but brands like Beare Park are doing their best to ensure their garments are of high quality and stylish design without compromising the environment.

Considered production techniques including locally handcrafted garments and the highest quality fabrics including Australian Merino wool, alongside producing smaller run capsule collections, ensures these garments will be made to last, and re-loved for generations to come.

Read more about BEARE PARKS commitment here


SolAqua is a recently-launched lifestyle resort brand founded and designed by Jessica Cognetta. Its Instagram-worthy pieces are designed to make you feel so heavenly that you can't help but be transported to a tropical paradise.

SolAqua is on a journey to create a conscious brand, using sustainably sourced, ethically produced fabrics that are free from harmful chemicals. This journey is ongoing, and as the brand grows, so does their knowledge and commitment to learning more and implementing processes to minimise impact on the environment into their daily operations.

We love that this emerging Australian designer is setting a great example from the start. They are ensuring that the only way forward for the fashion industry is to slow down, and for customers to appreciate the quality of the garment. This will create beautiful memories, whether at home or on vacation.

You can read more about SolAqua here

All images sourced courtesy of brand website





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